Is there enough sun in the North East for a Solar Power System to work?

Yes, the Catskill region of Upstate New York receives about 75% of the useable sunlight as Southern California. Germany, which is farther North, has almost 50% of the worlds installed Photo Voltaic Systems.

Can I run my entire home or business with solar power?

Yes, an average home in our upstate New York area will need about 7 kilowatts of installed Photo Voltaic’s to cover the electrical use. With net metering, any excess electricity will flow back to the electric grid to be used as a credit at a later time. However, all renewable energy systems are site specific.

Does solar power increase the value of my property?

Yes, for every dollar saved in energy costs,your home value may increase by $20. New York has a 15 year property tax exemption for Photo Voltaic Power Systems. (municipalities are permitted to opt out of this exemption).

How much will a Solar Power System cost?

A 7 kilowatt Photo Voltaic System can be installed for as little as $7,850 after all incentives and tax credits. A 7 KW system can generate $38,000 worth of electricity in 25 years and up to $170,000 worth of electricity in 50 years.

What is life span of a Solar Electric system

Solar Modules today are expected to last for 40 to 50 years – Most manufactures have a 25 year warranty – It is wise to choose a panel manufacture that will be in business that long – Catskill Solar uses only the highest quality Solar Modules with 25 year track records

How do I get started

Call us, or contact us through this website. We’ll conduct an initial site assessment and consultation at no cost to you. After looking at the site we’ll discuss the options you have regarding mounting your system, component choices and give you an initial estimate based upon your choices. Within 3 business days we’ll provide you with a final proposal, and proceed to contract. Payment schedules will be discussed during the initial consultation and be outlined in the proposal. It’s a good idea to educate yourself regarding Solar Electric technology and the equipment that’s available, as there are many different options available. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about possible system components, mounting options, and what the most cost effective choices will be for you new system.

What is “Net Metering”

When your system is producing more electricity than is being consumed, the meter spins backwards, and the excess electricity is sold back to the utility company at the retail rate. Energy generation and purchases from the electric utility are tracked and you pay the “net” difference

Is it practical to invest in a Solar Electric System?

Returns on your investment can range from 6%-12% depending on system size, site specifics and an investor’s tax bracket. The initial rate of return can be calculated before making a decision to purchase a system. System pay back times vary, but normally the 6-9 year range.

Why should I “Go Solar”?

As a clean and efficient source of energy, solar power saves you money on your utility bills, helps the environment, and increases your property value.

Can I get a really big system to sell back more energy to the utility company?

No. Most utility companies will only allow you a maximum amount of photovoltaics that they will “net meter” or pay you for the excess energy you produce above and beyond your own usage. In New York State in order to receive incentives to install your system you cannot exceed 110% of your historical kWh usage.

How long will it take to have a system up and running?

Generally it takes 14 to 16 weeks from the signature on the contract to having your system up and running. The actual installation may take anywhere from three to five days. The long lead times center around paperwork, inspections and material availability

How come there is such a large difference in price between solar modules? They all seem the same to me.

Quality Quality Quality – With a solar installation quality truly does matters – You want your system to last 25 + years. Catskill Solar believes in using only the highest quality modules on the market today, not the cheapest.

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Can a solar hot water system heat my home?

The most economic use of a system is to heat domestic hot water but a solar hot water system can also be used to supplement hot air or radiant floor heating systems.

Can it heat my pool?

Yes, excess heat from a solar hot water system can be diverted to your pool in the summertime, extending the swimming season.

Are solar hot water systems efficient?

Yes, solar hot water systems are more efficient than photovoltaic systems. A maintained system will last for decades with very little loss in heating efficiency.

Will the system work when it’s really cold outside?

Yes, since the collectors are insulated, they effectively “trap” the heat in the collector – as long as it’s sunny – the system will perform well!

Where are the systems most commonly installed?

Most of our clients choose to install the system on the roof. If a roof installation doesn’t work at the site, then we can design an attractive ground mounted system.

Is it affordable?

Yes. After generous federal and state tax incentives, payback is fast – making solar affordable for everyone.