Solar Hot Water

solar-hot-water-heat-diagram1. Solar Collectors

Solar hot water systems (Solar Thermal) use free energy from the sun to heat water. A collector is fastened to the roof or other structure facing the sun. The collector uses solar energy to heat a heat transfer fluid.

 2. Heat transfer fluid

The solar heat transfer fluid is a type of anti freeze so that solar hot water can be used in the North East. The heat is extracted by using a heat exchanger in a storage tank. The storage tank contains the homes domestic hot water.

 3. Use Solar Heated Water Throughout the Home

Hot water is readily available in the hot water storage tank and piped throughout the house for use in showers, sinks and appliances.

  •  Solar Thermal can reduce a homes hot water bills by up to 70% in the North East and will provide almost 100% of your hot water needs from April to October
  • Over 25% of a homes energy use is for hot water demands
  • In New York State, a Solar Thermal system is eligible for State and Federal tax credits equal to 55% of the system cost.
  • Pool heating using Solar Thermal can easily extend the pool season by up to two months in the North East